Monday, 16 January 2017 15:17


There was an education fair at ACE TTP on the 26th of October and our class (12F) was invited to join the event. When we first arrived, we were asked by the IDP members to register our personal information into the devices. Some of the IDP elected representatives asked us which university we would prefer to study at after finishing our high school year. Later on, we received a free Costa drink with a coupon that they provided earlier including a bag of books and pamphlets. Straight away, we were led by the arrow signs towards the room where the fair was held. We spent our remaining time seeking information from random universities there. We also took plenty of photos from the photo booth with an amazing Britain theme.

Thus, we acquired knowledge about UK universities and their
requirements for application. Truthfully, it was one of the best
exhibitions we’ve been through as the event was executed
with much precision and enthusiasm.

Name: Linna Heng

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