Monday, 16 January 2017 15:22

TRIP TO Kompot(12B)

I have had a really amazing time with my buddies at Kompot province- the land of durians and spectacular waterfall. The trip took about 3 hour, but it did not seem to bore us at all because we had music, some snacks and most importantly, a powerful bond of friendship. The food was delightful especially our breakfast, fried crab rice, which is a traditional Kompot style dish. Some of us, including me ate two bowls of those because the dish was so irresistibly tasty. At Tada waterfall, the water was as clear as a crystal. It was the first clearest water source that I have seen in Cambodia. We also had a barbeque party and everybody had a lot of fun.

After w left Tada waterfall, we headed over the coast to try zip line. I have always been scared of heights. Even though I did not ride the zip line, I watched my friends as they do it. I could see the fun in their eyes who made the nerve-wrecking trip through from one side to the other despite the heavy and pouring rain. All in all, we really had a fantastic time together in Kompot province and we hope for another trip justĀ  like this soon.

Name: Chan Billy Keo
Class: 12-B

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