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Halloween is considered as one of the well sought holidays which only happens once (on the 31st of October) a year. The celebration gives people the opportunity to creatively dress up and mainly, to have fun (trick-or-treating) with family and friends.

Zaman International School has had many exciting and interesting events held in the past. Unfortunately, ZIS have never celebrated Halloween before which is probably the reason why the students eagerly waited for this moment.  They were actually thrilled when they were informed about it. Although tickets were needed in order to join, there were still a great number of participants as they knew that 100% of the generated profit will be for a good cause.

The event was hosted by Zaman Student Union but there were also several volunteers who helped organize the event. The painstaking process of planning and implementing the project was discouraging but fortunately, the organizers’ tremendous determination and enthusiasm made the project such a success. A day before the event, boys and girls joined forces to achieve a harmonious theme. Some went to buy materials as soon as classes ended while others started to decorate by placing artificial spider webs and splattering fake blood in some classroom. They also sprayed creepy images and graffiti on the magazine papers covering the glass windows to add more chills to the room.

On the day of the event, several volunteers painted their face white, wore jet-black lipstick, smeared fake blood on their body, and donned their scary costume with the sole intention of terrifying everyone who passes by. There were also various activities prepared such as watching two timetabled horror movies: “Poltergeist” was played in the morning and “The Grudge” on display at noon; taking awesome photos at the photo booth; and checking out the most anticipated part of the whole event, the “Haunted House”- a concept that just started last year.

ZIS’ first Halloween Party was a success. The ZSU and volunteers have done an impressive job despite the fact that the preparation was only for few hours.
The event was surely a tedious task however, everything else turned out great.

A school event doesn’t only benefit participants and beneficiaries but organizers, facilitators and coordinators, as well. It brings the students and staff members together. It solidifies friendship with old friends and develops a bond with acquaintances during the process. We hope that in the future, ZIS would again allow and support the students to organize events just like this year’s Halloween program.

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