Tuesday, 17 January 2017 07:21

Genius Olympiad 2016 We did it again!

Being able to attend Genius Olympiad for my second phase was actually another level of challenge both for me and my teammate, Sokheang. Even though this was our second time - as we also joined last year-, it still wasn’t an easy work for us to complete our research and project we painstakingly prepared this year. Challenging all qualifiers around the globe was tremendously tough mainly because there was significant number of outstanding projects presented to the honorable judges. The judges visited our booth and so we presented our work immediately. Our audience intently listened and while they were carefully writing down our score. The deliberation for the winner took half-a-day and the results were ready the following day. All finalists were called on to the stage accordingly starting from the Honorable Mentions to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Grand winners. Our research and project bagged the bronze medal which I anticipated. This wasn’t a disappointment for me just because we received the first prize last year; instead it was another learning experience for me and Sokheang. We both once more represented our countrymen showing what we,Cambodians, are capable of. As an experienced contestant, I would like to send my words to all students in Zaman starting from the 10th grade: This would be a rare opportunity you’d have, so grab it! Accept the challenge. Don’t be fearful of failure because this chance to experience the outer world would also serve as a training ground for exploration. Win or lose, this would still be a great accomplishment. Why? It’s because you would be representing your nation, your country and most especially, yourself. Name: Rothvichet Poch Class: 12-B

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