Tuesday, 20 June 2017 09:10

ZIS Handball tournament

ZIS organized a handball tournament at the high school campus for grades 9 to 12. Eight teams of girls participated (grades 9 to 11) and eight teams of boys (grades 9 to 10) and three teams of boys from grades 11 to 12. All teams participated enthusiastically.  

Handball was a new game and experience for all students. The team members were not from the same classes. They were mixed from different sections that enhanced the quality of friendship, leadership and sportsmanship in our students. 

We would like to show our appreciation for these outstanding performances from our students. Our girls and boys practised really hard and gave their best during the tournament.

The winning team members all received a medal.


Winning teams: 

• Black Panther ‘Meru’ (Boys 12A)

• The Flash (Boys 10B)

• Nahhh (Girls 9E)

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