Tuesday, 20 June 2017 09:45

In Primary Then, In High School Now

I enjoy being in high school; it is a great experience for me. The environment, the lessons, friends and everything else is refreshing. 


Comparing it to my primary years, it is somehow different. In primary, there are not many different types of rooms and it is less strict. Moreover, we tend to hang out with our own cliques while in primary, we could just make friends with anybody we saw on the campus. The environment is also different, use of space and so on. Activities in high school are less supervised, too. It makes us become independent and responsible. The cafeteria and its service on the other hand is better than in primary school but outdoor space is doubled in the high school campus with bigger football and basketball fields. My new school’s green playground also gives a relaxing vibe. It is enticing to everyone’s eyes.


Ngounheng Pen


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