Tuesday, 20 June 2017 09:56

Our Camping Adventure At Kirirom

The trip to Kirirom was fun, fun, fun. It was awesome because I got to go camping with my classmates and teachers.The weather was pretty cold and we enjoyed it.We all had good time because we got to do many activities there such as cycling, enjoying a barbecue, playing soccer, playing bubble run and so on. We all hope to experience this for a second time with Zaman High School.

Rathanak Sambo


Hi my name is Tararith Kaing. I’m in grade 7A and last Saturday, we went to Kirirom to experience camping. The view there was majestic. Everybody’s eyes were satiated.

Finally, the best part was when we had a barbecue and it was also the hardest part because it was raining. It was difficult to find dry twigs to light the fire with. On the other hand, there was tons of stuff to do but we chose swimming and cycling. I really wish I could go there again.

Tararith Kaing



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